Craigslist ATV Parts For Sale: New, Used, OEM, Aftermarket

The most important part for your ATV, quad or four-wheeler is the tires and wheels that it sits on. This is not only for performance reasons but also for rider and potential passenger safety. This is especially true on racing quads, however also an important concern on utility ATVs as well. Be sure to check out or Craigslist ATV Tires page for more information about quad tires and wheels.

Craigslist ATV Tires

ATV Tire Types

Like normal passenger car tires, ATV tires are designed for different applications. Quad tires are split into two major categories. One is for utility use and the other for sport or racing use. There are also specialized ATV tires for Sand, Mud and Turf. Today even D.O.T. Approved ATV tires area available for driving more than just off-highway or off-road. Reference the list of tire brands below.

Major ATV Tire Brands

  1. AMS
  2. GBC
  4. Carlisle
  5. CST
  6. Dunlop
  7. Duro
  8. ITP Tires & Wheels
  9. Sedona
  10. Kenda
  11. Maxxis
  12. Titan
  13. Nankang
  14. Super Grip
  15. QuadBoss

ATV Wheels

ATV wheels are most common in 12, 14 and 15 inches sizes but are also available in 8,9 and 10 in. Popular ATV wheel brands include Douglas, ITP, MSA, STI and Vision.