Craigslist ATV Scams & Fraud - Shipping & Money Order

Like many high priced items in the for sale section of Craigslist, ATVs are a commonly scammed item. Many scammers target quads because of their easier perceived shipping, as opposed to a standard automobile. This makes the out of town buyer/seller shipping scheme more believable. This is because shipping a quad is a lot more feasible than full size car, truck, SUV or van. Below are the two most common Craigslist ATV scams to be on the lookout for.

Craigslist ATV Scams

Certified Check and Money Order

Anything involving a certified check or money order on Craigslist is a scam. Typically fraudsters use a sob story or other way of convincing the buyer or seller to utilize a money order in the transaction. If they are buying the ATV, typically they will send more than the agreed upon amount by "accident" and ask you to send back the difference. Then the check will bounce and you will be liable for the difference. They could also send the correct amount only to have you lose the quad once you ship it. Stay away from anything involving a check or money order on Craigslist.

Phone Verification Scams

The other common mechanism involved trying to get you to give up your information to attempt and use it to create a Craigslist phone verified account. The main key point to this is that they want you to give them a code that Craigslist will text you. Don't give them this code. If you do you just allowed the scammer to setup a Craigslist posting account with your phone number as the verified number on file with