Craigslist ATV Parts For Sale: New, Used, OEM, Aftermarket

On top of regular checkups where oils, lubricants and other additives are needed to keep your ATV running strong and performing for years to come, ATV parts are necessarily for quad longevity. ATV parts are broken up into different major categories as covered below including body and from, exhaust, drive train, tire and wheels, steering, engine, levers, electrical, suspension and brakes.

Craigslist ATV Parts

ATV Tires & Wheels

The most important part for your ATV, quad or four-wheeler is the tires and wheels that it sits on. This is not only for performance reasons but also for rider and potential passenger safety. This is especially true on racing quads, however also an important concern on utility ATVs as well. Be sure to check out or Craigslist ATV Tires page for more information about quad tires and wheels.

Major ATV Parts Categories

Body & Frame

The body and from is the basic makeup or shape of the ATV. This includes some of the following sub categories; Airbox, Nerf Bars, Bumpers, Skid Plates, Seat, Covers, Guards, Fairings, Gas Tanks and Caps, Racks, Hitches, Winches and Windshields.


Exhaust parts on an ATV consist of the flange, head pipe and muffler. Popular part manufacturers include, Cobra, FMF and Supertrapp.

Drive Train

The drive train on a quad is what makes it go. This includes everything necessary to take the power from the engine so that it can turn the wheels. Parts in this category include, axle carriers, CV joints, boots and half shafts, universal joins, clutch parts, chains, drive belts, gearcase, differentials, transfer cases, hubs, bearings and transmission parts.


Steering parts are what navigate the ATV and include handlebars, controls, steering arms, tie rods, spindles, steering posts and tie rod ends.


Levers on a quad allow the rider to control speed and stop the vehicle. This includes levers for the brake, kick start, clutch, shifter, throttle and variations.


Electrical on a ATV allows it to start and powers the accessories. This includes the battery, alternator, starter, coil, switches, headlights, bulbs, speedometer, tail lights, voltage regulator, harnesses, stator, lens and CDI box.


The engine on a four wheeler is what generates the power for movement. This can include a variety of different parts depending on the type of motor. Some of the major components include shafts, cams, heads, pump, radiators, filters, covers, hoses, bearings, fans, carburetor parts, rings, pins and more.


Suspension on a quad allows for flex and a smooth ride. This includes the axle, coils and shocks as well as control arms, bearings, forks and other components.


Brakes allow an ATV to stop and include the caliper, disc or rotor, hub, drum, pads and hose lines.